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and renovation

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This is an essential part of keeping your property water tight and in sound structural condition.

The products used in painting and decorating have evolved greatly over recent years. We use the latest advances in paint technology, and quality epoxy resin timber repair systems, to keep all windows and doors in top condition.

Other critical areas such as roofs, gutters and downpipes, if faulty, can lead to long term and expensive repairs elsewhere. We try and access these areas in the most cost effective way. This often requires the hire of scaffolding, which we will arrange for you, getting the best value for money we can.

This type of repair is particularly suitable to period and listed properties, and also those within sensitive conservation areas. Here, we can preserve as much of the original timber/features as possible.

We are specialists in Box Sash window repairs, including sash cord/pulley replacement, and repairs to decayed timber using the latest resin repair systems. These are durable, long lasting, and are developed specifically to avoid short term timber repairs, or expensive total replacement.

Sash window repair